Designer and manufacturer of electronic encapsulation solutions, special harnesses and electrical cases

Our fields of expertise

Specialist in electronic encapsulation and electrical wiring

Electronic encapsulation

Sensor and probes

Special wiring and harnesses

Electrical cases and cabinets

Who we are ?


Operating in demanding fields, we are your key partner for the development, integration and encapsulation of your electronics, probes and sensors requiring potting, overmolding, resin-coating, encapsulation, assembly, etc.

To serve you even better, we also produce special wiring and electrical harnesses, as well as electrical cases and cabinets. We offer you a global solution from design to manufacture. We manufacture in France and at our "Best Cost" sites in Tunisia and Moldova.

Trust our experienced teams, and let's start your subcontracting project together! 

Our certifications and the demands of the markets we serve mean we have to be accurate and organized to meet our commitments.


We put the quality of our products ahead of all other considerations, and take responsibility for each and every one of our collaborators.

As a team, we respond to your needs with our know-how, expertise and knowledge of our fields. We aim to be a trusted partner who listens to its customers, with a continuous improvement approach.

The involvement of the entire team in a continuous improvement process enables us to propose and implement technically and economically relevant solutions.

Our latest news

2023: Granting of the EN 9100

La société SYNERGICA et toute son équipe est fière de vous informer de l’obtention de la certification EN 9100. Cette...
La société SYNERGICA et toute son équipe est fière de...

2021: Merger of CPS with SYNERGICA

Synergica et CPS ne font plus qu’un ! La société SYNERGICA a fusionné avec la société CPS, historiquement basée à...
Synergica et CPS ne font plus qu’un ! La société...