Sensor and probes

Encapsulation of sensors and probes

Demand a custom-made sensor

We develop and encapsulate a specific probe or sensor so that it can perform its function optimally in a given environment: Humidity, Pressure, Temperature, ...

Based on your specifications, we design and integrate the sensor to meet your needs perfectly. We encapsulate the sensor or probe in a final assembly (<em style="color: var( --e-global-color-text ); font-family: var( --e-global-typography-text-font-family ), Sans-serif; font-size: var( --e-global-typography-text-font-size ); font-weight: var( --e-global-typography-text-font-weight );">metallic or plastic bulb, neckline tip, case, etc.), associating a connector or electrical harness. A resin-coating or overmolding operation guarantees the sensor's integrity and water tightness.

A sensor's quality, reliability and durability depend on this encapsulation operation, as it contributes directly to its smooth operation.


Which probes do we encapsulate?

We design, encapsulate and produce customized temperature probes and sensors for European industry leaders, including:

  • Thermistor temperature probes. These are electrical resistance sensors whose value varies with temperature. In this category we use NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) and PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) thermistors.
  • Resistance temperature probes. These are resistive RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) probes. We offer encapsulations for Pt-100, Pt-500, Pt-1000 platinum sensors, as well as KTY silicon sensors. 

We create wire connections and combine them with connectors according to your needs and standards.


IR, humidity, capacitive sensors, etc.

We have an experienced team to help you design and encapsulate your probe or sensor.

In particular, we produce infra-red luminosity sensors for public lighting, capacitive humidity sensors for wine cellars, NFC sensor encapsulation, resin-coated and waterproof LED strips, etc.

The benefits of a customized sensor are numerous:

  • A sensor adapted to your needs and defined with the help of our experts,
  • Probe dimensions perfectly adapted to your product,
  • Connections and wire lengths adapted to your application,
  • Waterproofing to IP standards,
  • Savings the sensor being designed specifically for you.

"Demand a custom-made sensor at mass production prices "


How do I encapsulate my sensor so that it can perform its function in a harsh environment?

Thanks to our know-how and over 20 years' experience in the design and encapsulation of various sensors in demanding fields (heating, military, aeronautics, etc.), we can help you draw up your specifications and then manufacture your sensor.

Our teams will determine the most appropriate encapsulation method to suit the environment and the constraints to which the sensor will be subjected throughout its life cycle.